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How trustworthy is the seafood supply chain?

Updated: Mar 24

World Ocean Summit 2024 was an event-packed three days. As one of the startup exhibitors, Zeal Industries presented Uptime, our IoT-based solution for saving lives at sea. Our CTO Petrina So also found time to share her thoughts about technology at the closing panel session.

The topic was tech's role in creating trust in blue-food supply chains. Moderated by Martin Koehring, discussion revolved around how to improve transparency and accountability in the sprawling value chain that makes up the seafood industry.

Attendees heard from Petrina and fellow panelists Frank Arendt (from retailer Migros) and Francisco Leotte (Thai Union) talk about the challenges of disclosure, especially to consumers while subject to constraints of budget and technology.

The conclusion was kit and software are only part of the solution. Equally important are sensible policy and judicious deployment of investments. While there is still a lot to be achieved, the good news is the technology required to make it happen is already available.

Panel members discussing role of technology in creating trust in seafood supply chains
Panel discussion on creating trust in seafood supply chains


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