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Our Solutions

Tech created to radically change our world for the better


As professional geeks, we're passionate about technology, but not merely for its own sake. What matters is how it can improve our lives. The proof is in our portfolio of solutions of smart tech to radically change our world for the better.

At the core of each system is our proprietary satellite-enabled IoT infrastructure. Each of our solutions is built upon this foundational layer, which provides a secure and robust platform that transforms raw data into intelligent decisions.


Flight data recorders (aka black boxes) are standard issue on commercial aircraft to ensure safety of crew and passengers.


Uptime Marine takes advantage of IoT technology to bring the same assurance to waterborne craft - all at an affordable price. The small footprint of the Uptime Marine unit belies its capabilities, which include the real-time recording and transmission of rich telemetry.

We've also created a companion product called Uptime Guardian that works in conjunction to protect the lives of fishers and other crews who brave the harsh oceans for a living.

Zeal Industries won the 2023 Responsible Seafood Innovation Award for Uptime Guardian.


The legendary Tricorder medical device popularised by Star Trek no longer belongs in the realm of science fiction. Despite the constraint of an ultra-compact form, we conceived Signals to pack a lot of power: pulse rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and body temperature can all be monitored by individuals with no medical training.


And with built-in internet connectivity, these vital data can be transmitted instantly for remote analysis by first responders.

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Inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, bioCUBE addresses the practical challenge of achieving sustainable development. The idea is to use modularised units (or CUBEs) to encapsulate a specific function, such as energy management, the generation of clean drinking water, or food production.

In concert, CUBEs can be combined to address specific needs: affordable housing, response to natural disasters, or extended autonomous survival in extreme conditions. The key to bioCUBE is its radical scaleability and focus on sustainability, which are made possible by proprietary software that orchestrates a suite of embedded renewable technologies.

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